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Edit your Facebook Account
Facebook is a social media that you use to talk with various people across the globe, friends of your family. You also get to talk with as many people as you like. Facebook helps you to constantly send messages, videos, images, and get updates as well. But you need to keep your Facebook account safe by using your account password. If you have one we’ll give you steps to change your password whenever you want.

How to change your password on Facebook
The steps are very easy to follow if you have an account and feel like you need to update your Facebook password. Everything you just have to do is just sit back and take the basic steps below.
Log-in to your account on Facebook. Then in the top right corner of the page, you click the down button, then you click Settings.
When you click on the settings for your account, you click on protection and log in.
Then press the Change Password button.
Once you’ve done that you’ll have to enter your existing password, new password, retype a new password,
Then you click on Save Changes, then you log out and log back in to confirm that the new password has been changed automatically.
Note; if you have signed in and your password has been lost,
Only click the down arrow in the top right corner of the page, then click the Setup button, then click Protection and log in once you click on it.
Click on a password that has been forgotten
When you do this, you will be asked for your email or mobile number so they can give you a code and you can write the code when they send you the code and then your account is ready for you to use.

Editing My Name On Facebook – Name Edit On Facebook Profile

Most of Facebook account owners make use of their real names when they first open their accounts. Most time they decide to change their name after seeing someone with a much better or cooler name, or probably when they get married. While some people do it for reasons best known to the. Well, if you have any reason to change your Facebook name, and you do not know how to do it, well this article’s got you covered. Edit name on Facebook profile account.

It is best that you make use of your real name when creating a Facebook account for proper identification. Mostly this is because it enables people who knew you before to easily locate you on the platform. And, do you know that Facebook can tag your friend who you took a photo using facial recognition. This is only to show you how advanced Facebook is.

Standard of Changing Facebook Profile Account Name

Before deciding to change your, there are important things you need to know. Facebook has a naming standard, and before deciding to make any change, you need to do a proper review. If you decide for any reason at all to change your Facebook name before another change can be made you would need to wait for 60 days.

And after those 60 days, you changed your name again, and then you would need to wait for 120 days before any new change can be made. With that said, you should know that when changing your name you need to decide properly not to make any mistake.

How to Change Name on Facebook Profile Account – Editing My Name On Facebook

Unlike the name on your Facebook page, your Facebook username operates relatively unseen in the background. Facebook username is created to help you find the people or pages they seek among the billions of profiles and Facebook pages that amount to this massive social media platform.
And when you create a link that uses your Facebook username, you can send it along to anyone, letting them immediately find your profile or page. Facebook usernames help cut through the clutter of all those many names.
Think of it like this: finding the Facebook account of your new friend John Smith is like finding a needle in a haystack in a field full of haystacks. Looking for the Facebook page, John.Smith.314159 is going to be a bit easier. Like if John has sent you the link to his profile as, www.facebook.com/john.smith.314159.
Facebook automatically assigns a username when you create an account, and nothing likely inspired, just your name and a bunch of numbers.
If you want to change your Facebook username or change the username of a Facebook page you manage, do it with care: once you change your current username, you can’t go back to a previous one because each unique username can only be used once.

Changing your Facebook name is no so complicated, just follow my steps below and in no time your name would be changed:

  1. On you Browser or Facebook App, Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Then locate the setting icon at the top of your Facebook page.

3. And then choose the name on the template,

4. Enter the new name you want to use in your profile

5. Click review Change icon

6. You’ll be required to enter your Facebook password

7. And click save changes to validate the new name

And with that your new name would be created. Note that it is just the name that is been edited and not other information on your Facebook account.

How to edit a message on Facebook on your business page

NOTE: Editing all forms of Facebook posts is now possible as of February 2013. To edit an article, go to the update, click the top-right drop-down box, and then click Edit…” I’m leaving the post below for archiving purposes only.

Editing updates to your Facebook status

Don’t you hate it but you can’t delete it when you make a mistake on a Facebook post?

You typically only have the following options in this situation:

Delete the post and re-post, double-checking it again does not render a typo
Write a comment that corrects the typo
Leave the post as it is and hope that none of the people who liked your page will note the typo.
Facebook administrators can edit a message, sort of, as it turns out.

You’ll learn exactly how to edit posts on Facebook in the following video by Tod Maffin. It is guaranteed that this method of editing an update will work, but there are two caveats:

Only for your own post can you do that, i.e. you can’t change the caption of something you’ve posted.
It only works with pictures you have attached directly to your timeline or as part of your set. For example, if the photo has been posted via a third-party app such as Instagram, the approach won’t work.

You may be wondering — if this just applies to pictures, then what’s the point? Posts with a photo produce about 120 percent more interest than the average post, so any way you should regularly post photos. If you have posted something else then try the three options at the beginning of this post that I gave.

All of this said, Facebook recently rolled out a function that allows users to edit comments, so it could be just around the corner to edit posts of some kind.

Editing your Facebook profile makes your Facebook acoount more nice and appealing to friends and attracts people of similar interests to slide in to your profile and make facebook more fun.

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