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Display my Facebook Block List Facebook Blocked List for 2021: Have you ever been in a situation where you felt stalked on Facebook? Have you had repeated messages from someone you would rather avoid? Think no more!!! This guide will be of immense and great help to you as it will show you how you can deal with your Facebook Blocked List for whatever the cause may be, either stalker, a pervert, an ex, or just someone you do not want to have any interaction or conversation with, you can just cut them out of your  Facebook life very easily. 

For you to be able to do so, kindly follow the mentioned acts below. 


My Block List On Facebook Facebook Blocked 2021 List 


This must be taken note of, before obstructing or blocking someone, it means that you are 
100 percent sure that there will be nothing or any future Facebook contact with that  person. 
As Facebook clarifies: 
They would not be able to locate you in Facebook search, get to see your profile, or 
communicate with you via Facebook networks (such as Wall posts, Poke, etc if you block  anybody. Any Facebook links or contact you currently have with such person that you have successfully and finally blocked will be broken (for example, connections to  friendship,  relationship status, etc.). 
Note that in third-party apps, obstructing or blocking others can not eliminate all 
communications and interactions and may not reach anywhere else on the Internet. 


It is also worthy to note that not only will they not be able to see exactly what you’re 
doing on Facebook when you obstruct or block anyone, you too will not be able to see  exactly  what they are doing either. 
It’s bidirectional block. 


1. Indicating the Facebook account to begin with. Navigate your cursor over the 
Settings connection in the upper-right corner. small drop-down menu will pop up
Click Settings for Accounts 
2. In the Personal Privacy area of your settings tab, tap on the handle link. 
3. In the individual sector, go to the name of the individual you will love to obstruct or block. You can enter their email address in the filed email at the same time, but 
you will need to really get to know the exact email address they have and is connected to  their  Facebook account. 
Click the Block button now. 
4. If more than one person matches the name you have typed in, list will appear  displaying all of the possible matches there is. Search out for and click on the Block button 
on the person that you wish to block. 
5. If you want to remove this block at any point in time, simply go back to your 
Account Settings page and click on the Get Rid of Connection next to the obstructed  user. 


Do not forget one important thing, please don’t forget to share this cool 
trick with your friends so they too can know how to go about blocking and obstructing stalkers, annoying friends, or people they do not like or are just simply bored of them on Facebook. 
Thank you for reviewing the Facebook update on My Block List. 
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