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Facebook Post Manager – The continuous features that Facebook adds to their application is awesome.

Why is this so? These added features are actually useful features that Facebook users usually find very useful.

Facebook has gone further to not just include necessary features to their application but has created an entirely different application that can help users carry out quick simultaneous commands.

You would agree that the ability to quickly mark and delete old posts, pictures, and videos using a particular Facebook feature is very useful.

Even if you could manually take down these posts, photos and videos, the time and effort it takes can be draining and more so so those who had made hundreds of posts on their wall.

The introduction of “Facebook Post Manager” is very timely and useful. This is because a lot of users have decided to keep their timelines neat.

The world has developed to the point where quick checks can be done on your social media accounts before you are given a job, granted an appointment, etc. Hence, the importance of laying off irrelevant and Inappropriate posts on Facebook.

Facebook Post Manager – How To Delete All Facebook Posts

This article would address the introduction of “Facebook Post Manager” and how it can be used to delete multiple posts simultaneously.

The Google Chrome extension “Facebook Posts Manager” helps you to monitor your Facebook posts. It is totally free and can be installed in a matter of seconds.

It is an entirely different application from Facebook and not just an added feature to the Facebook application. So, I order to be able to use it, you must download it on Play or Apple Store.

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Did you know there’s a clear and fast way to delete all of your old Facebook posts? An incredibly useful feature for easily updating your pages and publications and maintaining a positive online reputation.

Manual removal is, of course, a choice if you have the requisite time and encouragement. Otherwise, you can use Facebook Posts Manager, a free application for deleting posts from Facebook.

Instruction Manual for Facebook Posts Admin The Google Chrome extension “Facebook Posts Manager” helps you to monitor your Facebook posts. It is totally free and can be installed in a matter of seconds. After you’ve installed it, go to the Personal History page.

After that, you’ll be asked to pick the year or months you want to delete, and you’ll be able to run a fast search of your publications using the “delete posts” icon.

The scan will take a few minutes; you should not scroll your page during this time to avoid disturbing the process. Finally, you’ve arrived in the past!
Simply press the posts you want to delete (likes, comments, shares, wall messages, images, etc.) and the extension will take care of the rest.

Facebook Posts Manager helps you to delete both your own and friend-posted material from your profile.
Furthermore, no sign of the removed posts will remain, and there will be no way to restore them.

Keep an eye on your Facebook profile. Content from before 2008 is frequently humorous, especially content from before the “private chat” feature, when walls were covered in personal messages.

Your Facebook page, whether personal or private, is becoming your virtual showcase more than ever before. Allowing old posts to taint your reputation is not a good idea!

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