Instagram Login With Facebook | Instagram Search Login with Via Social

Hey there, are you aware that you can log in to your Instagram account through your Facebook account? If no then see this Instagram login with Facebook for help on that.
Instagram Login With Facebook | Instagram Search Login with Via SocialInstagram Login with Facebook now

Instagram is one of the social media platforms through which you can reach out to friends and fans, stay in touch with them, and also receive and send first-hand information.

Using Instagram, you would agree that its features and operations differ from other social media platforms.

Instagram Login Via Facebook

Let’s quickly consider how to login to your IG account with the help of your FB account.

  1. Visit IG via a web browser or use the mobile app.
  2.  Click on login with Facebook at the right top of the page.

How to Login to Instagram using a Browser

step1: visit the official Instagram website at

step2: Correctly input your username and password in the space provided.

step2: Enter the login button.

Joining IG from Web

– Head to the Instagram authorities site in your browser.
– Input your email address as well as a full name. Additionally, enter your recommended username and also password.
– Tap the “Sign Up” button.
– You could as well attach your Facebook account. Click on “Log in with Facebook” if you want to utilize your Facebook to represent Instagram.

Link your IG to your Facebook account

  • Log in to your Instagram account
  • Click on the profile icon which will redirect you to the profile tab. The profile icon is person-shaped and is at the bottom right corner of the Instagram page.
  • Tap the gear-looking icon on the top right corner (this icon appears only for iPhone users). But if you’re an Android user, you’ll find 3 vertically oriented dots at the top right corner.  This action will load open a page with various subheadings.
  •  Under the “” subheading, click Linked Accounts

Next, a list of social media platforms with an integration ability with Instagram will be displayed.

  • Click Facebook. This will take you to a Facebook login page, still on Instagram.
  • Enter your Facebook login details. You will be logged in to your Facebook account from within Instagram.

Note: You’ll be given an option to open Facebook via the Facebook app also. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be asked to choose who will be able to view your photos.

The following options are available; Public, Friends, Friends except for acquaintance, Only Me, and Acquaintance.

  • Choose the option which best suits your needs and click the “OK” button.

you will be taken back to the page which contains a list of social media platforms you’re allowed to link with Instagram.

There, you’ll notice the Facebook icon has turned blue, indicating you’re now sharing your posts on Facebook. By default, your Instagram posts will be shared on your Facebook timeline.

Having completed these steps, you’ll be able to share your Instagram posts to Facebook. However, after creating the link, it is possible to share old posts.

How To Share IG posts to Facebook

  • Choose an image from your profile tab
  • Click the ellipses on the top right corner, A pop-up menu appears with several options.
  • Click Share
  • Select Facebook
  • Click there Share button which appears at the top right corner

The post will be shared to your Facebook account.

How To Cut The Link Between IG and FB

Want to cut the link between Instagram and Facebook? This is very easy and simple, kindly follow the steps below;

  • Open your Facebook mobile app and log in to your account.
  • Click the horizontal lines on the bottom right corner, this action will load-open a list of options.
  • Scroll down and select Account settings option.
  • Another list will open on the next page, head down, and select Apps.
  •  On the next page,  enter the Logged in with Facebook option. This will display a list of the social media platforms linked with your FB account.
  • Enter the Instagram option.
  • On the list of options, move down and click the Remove App button at the bottom. You’ll be asked the second time if you wish to remove the app or cancel the process.
  • To confirm your decision, Further, click the Remove button to confirm your decision to cut the link.

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