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Deal unsubscribes and shopping views have been added to Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail for iOS has been updated to include one-click newsletter unsubscribe, new shopping views, and other features.

Yahoo has released a new version of its iOS and Android Mail apps, which were designed with the way many people use email in mind. An email has changed dramatically in recent years, with people creating many accounts for various purposes. One account could be used for shopping, another for work, and yet another for general personal use. Yahoo’s new app is designed just for this scenario.
The new Yahoo mail interface organizes people’s communications into “Views” like Deals, Trip, and Attachments reduces email overload with a one-tap unsubscribe feature and pushes relevant content like package tracking and travel updates to the front of inboxes. You can log in to Outlook, Gmail, and AOL accounts using the app, so it’s not just for Yahoo email. Both iOS and Android users can now download the updated software. Among the significant features are:

Users can customize their inbox with custom color themes and noises, as well as configure their push notifications to indicate the type of message they want to be aware of (personal vs. commerce).
It offers a redesigned interface that makes all of your attachments, such as important docs, travel documents, tickets, and images, easily accessible.
Users may browse shopping emails and unsubscribe from any newsletter with a single tap without leaving the app while using the subscriptions view.
Users can choose from three different sorts of deal offerings to assist them to find the best savings. You may filter all coupons in their inbox and receive updates about the most valuable offers before they expire in the “Deals View.” The “Location View” (iOS only) displays bargains at nearby businesses on a built-in map, while the “Grocery View” lets you use loyalty cards to get savings at any participating grocery shop.
The app displays current information such as parcel tracking, travel information, or a bargain about to expire (for iOS only).
The new Yahoo Mail app for iPhone and Android is now available for download for free.


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Smartphone Email App that is both free and efficient

Yahoo Mail is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known email servers available today. This system is dependable and will provide you with a variety of options, with a history dating back to the early days of the Internet. All mobile phone users now have access to a dedicated application.

Usability and Features

Yahoo Mail is known for its easy-to-use interface. On the left-hand side of the page, icons for trash, bulk emails, recent messages, and spam are prominently displayed. As a result, navigating is not a problem. We should also point out that this service is completely free to use, which is a huge plus if you don’t want to pay for a premium subscription. A dynamic ‘Live Tile’ icon will be added to your start menu, allowing you to access any email with a single click. This service is extremely safe and secure, and it is not susceptible to hacking.

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Additional Advantages

You can now customize your Yahoo Mail inbox with a variety of themes, colors, and styles. Higher upload rates are linked to a better interface, which is important when dealing with large files like high-definition images and videos. On most phones, the download will take no more than a few minutes.


Without a doubt, Yahoo is one of the most well-known email servers.
This application can be downloaded and installed for free. CONS

Leaked emails have been the subject of recent security concerns.
Other servers, according to some users, provide a greater sense of flexibility.

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