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What you need to know about QuickCheck loans and how to get one

QuickCheck is a common loan platform in Nigeria that provides loans to Nigerians without the need for collateral. QuickCheck loans are disbursed through a mobile app that users can download, install, and use to apply for a loan. Over 100,000 people have downloaded the loan app, which has received a lot of positive feedback.

It’s easy to apply for a loan, and you can do so at any time. The platform is safe because it complies with PCI-DSS. They promise to provide an instant loan, and based on the positive feedback from those who have used the app, it appears that they follow through on their promises. They have a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Google Play from over 44 000 users. You will learn how to get a QuickCheck loan in this post.

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QuickCheck requirements for a loan
To get a loan from QuickCheck, you must meet the following criteria:

Details of your bank account
The number for Bank Verification (BVN)
A good credit rating
a debit card
Details about the person (such as your name, address, and so on)
Information about your work (self-employed can apply)
You must be of legal age.
A data-capable cell phone
How do I apply for a QuickCheck loan?
To get a QuickCheck loan, follow these steps:

1. Install the software
To apply for a loan, you must first download the app. The app is available for download from the Google Play store. Only Android phones are supported by the app. There is currently no app available for iOS (iPhone) users. You can get the app right now by clicking here. To get instant loans, remember to use the promo code ME18FDNG.

2. Becoming a member
If the app has been downloaded, double-click it to open it. Then sign up by following the instructions on the phone. Only fill in the blanks with the necessary information. It is critical to enable your phone’s location settings. If it is not turned on, the app will prompt you, and if you click on the prompt, you will be able to toggle on location on your Android phone if you are unsure where to do so.

3. Fill out a loan application
You can apply for a loan after you’ve signed up and completed your profile. It’s really easy! The choice to apply for a loan will be available right in the app.

4. Await the loan’s approval.
If you’ve submitted your application, wait for QuickCheck to make a loan decision. It should only take a few minutes. Before making a decision, they weigh several factors. Your credit score is one of them.

5. Get a loan
You will be given a loan if your application is approved! Remember to repay your loan before the due date.

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What is the maximum amount you can borrow?
You can borrow anywhere between $1,500 and $500,000. However, you will be unable to borrow a large sum on your first try. You borrow a small amount, and when you repay it, you are given a larger offer the next time.

Word of the loan
The loan period will last anywhere from four weeks to a year.

Check the rate of interest on a loan with QuickCheck.
For the first loan, the interest rate on a QuickCheck loan is as low as 5% per month. Interest rates typically range from 2% to 30%, with an equivalent monthly interest rate of 1% to 21%.

QuickCheck loan repayment
There are several options for repaying your loan. Your loan can be repaid using your ATM card (Debit card). You registered your card when you signed up; now all you have to do is fund the account to which the card is attached, open the app, and select loan payment.

You can also pay back using the USSD code given by your bank.

If that isn’t enough, you can also make a payment through a bank transfer or a cash deposit.

QuickCheck headquarters
The company’s headquarters are located at 23, Agodogba Avenue, Park View Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos.

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Customer service QuickCheck
Customer service phone number: At this time, QuickCheck does not have phone support. When they do, we’ll update this page.

[email protected] is the email address for customer service.

App for QuickCheck Loans
Only Android phone users have access to the loan app. There is currently no app available for iOS (iPhone) users. Simply go to the Google Play store to get the app. You can get the app by clicking here. To get an instant loan, remember to use the promo code ME18FDNG.

Website QuickCheck
quickcheck.ng is the URL.

Check out our Loans page for more details.

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