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Selling on Facebook Marketplace: A Beginner’s Guide

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Do you want to sell something on Facebook Marketplace? Here’s how to create a listing, as well as some of my greatest advice for increasing your chances of selling.

What is Facebook Marketplace and how does it work?

Facebook Marketplace is a built-in selling mechanism on the social media network. It allows you to purchase and sell products in your neighborhood without paying any fees. You can also offer to ship your goods if you want to get them in front of a broader audience. For these types of purchases, Facebook charges a modest fee (currently 5 percent ). In exchange, they process the payment and provide buyer and seller protection. You can mail the item using your shipping label, or they’ll make one for you and e-mail it to you. In comparison to the cost of credit card processing, this is a very low transaction fee.

Please keep in mind that Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Groups are not the same things. With Facebook Groups, you’ll have to go to the trouble of looking for local buying/selling groups in your area and then asking to join them. You just create a free classified listing and publish it on Facebook Marketplace. Easy!

What is the Process of Selling on Facebook Marketplace?
On Facebook, where can I find Marketplace?

Simply click the small Marketplace button in the Facebook app or on the left-hand side of the website to establish a listing on Facebook Marketplace. It appears to be a small store.

How to Make a Facebook Marketplace Listing

Then select “Create New Listing” from the drop-down menu.

Select the Product You Want to Sell on Facebook.

It will ask you whether you want to sell something, sell a car, rent a house, or post a job vacancy. After you’ve chosen the proper choice, submit some images of the item you’re selling (up to ten) and complete all of the needed fields.

Create a Facebook Marketplace listing for an item you want to sell.

It will prompt you to provide a title, description, pricing, and location (It just needs your city, not your street address). It will also ask you to categorize your item and describe its condition. Although the “tag” box is optional, I urge that you use it. It only requires a list of keywords or terms that people might use to find this item. Taking the time to fill out this field will help your item reach a larger number of potential buyers.

To double-check your work, use the preview pane. If you’re happy with how everything appears, click “publish.” Local listings on Facebook Marketplace are free, so you won’t have to pay a listing or selling fee. It’s quite lovely!

Once Facebook confirms that your listing complies with its criteria, it will be made public.

Anyone within 100 miles of you will be able to see your listing, which will only display the information you’ve decided to make public on your Facebook profile. Unless you choose to put your address or phone number in your profile (which you should not do), no one will be able to view them.

If someone is interested in your listing, they can ask questions or check availability by messaging you on Facebook.

When a message arrives, you’ll hear a chime if you’re using Facebook on your computer. It will then appear on your screen.

If you’re using the Facebook Messenger app on your phone, you’ll hear a similar chime alerting you to an incoming message.

Unless you choose to take the topic elsewhere, all communications will be kept on Facebook.

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Selling on Facebook Marketplace: My Experience
A Facebook Marketplace listing example

There were 178 views and 12 inquiries on this listing. It sold 14 days after I put it on the market for close to the asking price.

I first tried Facebook Marketplace in 2018, when a buddy requested help selling their Kubota RTV, and since then, I’ve bought and sold everything from automobiles to clothes to work equipment to housewares on the platform.

It’s proven to be a rather simple approach for me to find what I need and sell what I don’t.

Because the pandemic is preventing me from holding a yard sale or participating in a children’s consignment sale, I’m using Facebook Marketplace more than ever before, and I’ve set a goal for myself to earn $1,000 this year by selling items that I would normally sell in person.

Update: I met and exceeded my target! I’ve made $1,089 so far, and I still have a lot of goods to sell. By doing this, I feel like I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be successful at Marketplace.

How to Boost Your Chances of Selling on Facebook Marketplace
A decent listing is the first step toward success on Facebook Marketplace. A key part of that is having eye-catching images. Make use of the fact that Marketplace allows you to upload up to ten photos. Take numerous images of the item from various perspectives so that purchasers may get a good idea of how it looks and judge its condition.

Don’t copy and paste photographs from another website’s promotional materials. It will annoy buyers, and it is a copyright violation.

Make sure the first photo is good because it will be used as the search thumbnail. There are far too many blurry, dark, or poorly posed photographs on Marketplace. That’s a deal-breaker. If you put some effort into your photography, your items will stick out (in a positive manner) and sell more quickly.

Choose a title for your listing that expresses clearly what you’re offering and includes keywords that a buyer would use to find the item. If I’m listing a piece of clothes, for example, the title includes the brand, the type of apparel, the size, and the gender. Here’s a title I put on a listing that sold in less than an hour after it was posted:

2 Under Armour Women’s Large Tops

Isn’t it a very good indication of what I’m selling even before you click on the listing?

Shirts by Under Armour are being sold on Facebook.

And when you see this shot, you’ll probably know whether or not you want to buy it before you ever read my description or look at the other photographs.

Don’t waste your one chance to catch a customer’s attention before they scroll past your listing.

Based on what you type in the title area, the Marketplace listing tool suggests categories. If the suggested categories don’t appear to be a suitable fit for your item, you’ll likely need to go back and rethink your title. If you’re selling a pair of women’s pants and it suggests the “men’s pants” category, go back and change the category to “women’s pants.”

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In the description, you have the opportunity to tell buyers everything they need to know about the item you’re selling, so attempt to answer all of their questions. If you perform a good job, you’ll get fewer Messenger questions.

When I listed the Kubota RTV for my pals, I discovered this the hard way. Many folks wanted to know whether it was two- or four-wheel drive and whether it was powered by gas or diesel. They were apparent questions that I had not addressed in my description, so I found myself repeatedly answering them. Go back and change your listing if you discover you’ve missed a vital detail, as I did. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

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