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How to Connect Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts to LinkedIn

Business owners can use social media to stay in touch with customers, peers, and vendors. You can expand your professional network and demonstrate your communication skills by connecting your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. If you provide special information or discounts to your customers and interact with them on a personal level, connecting these accounts can increase consumer loyalty.

Connecting your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts 1
Log in to your Facebook account. Favorites, Groups, and Apps are among the sections on the left side of the news feed. Select “Apps” and “App Center” from the drop-down menus. You can find the LinkedIn app faster if you type it into the top search bar. Click “Apps” under Search Filters when the results appear, and the official LinkedIn app will appear at the top.

When you click “Go to App,” you’ll be taken to the LinkedIn application’s first page. When you click “Connect With Facebook,” a LinkedIn window will appear, asking for your LinkedIn email address and password. Before the application imports your LinkedIn information, you can adjust your Facebook privacy settings in this window, limiting who sees your LinkedIn updates on Facebook. Click “Log in With Facebook” after you’ve set your preferences. Your information will be imported into the app, and you will be asked if you want to connect with any of your Facebook friends on LinkedIn. If desired, you can pick and choose or select “Skip This Step.” There are four more steps that invite you to add email contacts, people you may know on LinkedIn and Facebook, and a page where you can manually enter contacts to your LinkedIn network.

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On the final step of the import process, click one of the two LinkedIn buttons. You can choose between a “Free Basic Version of LinkedIn” and a paid account by clicking the buttons. Your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts will be linked once you make a choice. You can share LinkedIn updates on Facebook, and LinkedIn will occasionally post opportunities or recent connections you’ve made to your Facebook wall.

Creating a link between Twitter and LinkedIn 1
After logging in to LinkedIn, go to your “Profile” page. You’ll find a link to add a Twitter account to your profile under your name, work experience, and education.

When you click on “Add a Twitter Account,” a Twitter pop-up window will appear. Enter your Twitter username and password, then click to grant the app access to your account.

Close the window, and your Twitter account will appear as a clickable link on your LinkedIn profile page, allowing anyone who visits it to view your tweets. You can also notify your Twitter followers about LinkedIn updates.

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When sharing data between sites, privacy is always a concern. For each site, use a different, complex password.
Remember that what you tweet on one site can be read on another, and your LinkedIn information can be read on Facebook. Be professional in your communications if you’re connecting all of your media.

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