Force Desktop Facebook

How to Get the Full Facebook Experience on Your Phone

All mobile web browsers are automatically sent to Facebook’s mobile edition. Because I can’t accomplish everything with the web app or my iPhone’s native app, I occasionally need to view the FULL FACEBOOK SITE.

You may get to the whole Facebook site by typing into your browser.

I recommend bookmarking the URL so you can easily access it (or simply remember to add home.php after

Another option for getting to the entire Facebook site is to go to and wait for the mobile web app to load. Select “View Desktop Site” from the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

If you press on the Facebook logo in the top-left corner or on YOUR profile name after the complete site has loaded, it will recognize that you’re using a mobile browser and redirect you to the web app (

On my iPhone, the entire site loads quickly, just like on a regular computer. This should also work with an Android, Blackberry, Nokia, or Palm Pre phone.

I hope this information was useful.

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