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How To Make $500 THIS MONTH Using Facebook Yard Sale Sites

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Is it preferable to sell your items on Facebook yard sale sites?

So you’ve done some decluttering and now it’s time to get rid of your belongings.

But where should you try to sell it?

It may be the Facebook Yard Sale groups! Yes, I realize that seems strange, but we use and enjoy them.

We’ve made thousands of dollars selling things on Facebook Yard Sale Sites and Facebook Marketplace.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can make a lot of money this month by using Facebook yard sale sites.

Ready? Let’s get this party started:

What Are Facebook Yard Sales, and How Do They Work?

Because this isn’t a commonly used term, it’s understandable if it seems strange. On Facebook, there’s a yard sale?

When you think of Facebook, you probably think of hooking up with old-school pals and looking at someone’s most recent vacation photos, but that’s not the only thing you can do with it. Facebook, believe it or not, is an excellent medium for selling your items.

There are 2.37 billion Facebook users on the planet (which is insane! ), so there are a lot of individuals on there who aren’t just scrolling aimlessly.

This also implies that a large number of individuals in your neighborhood are likely to be on Facebook, which is ideal for local selling.

What’s so amazing about selling on Facebook in particular? People have faith in it. It’s not some weird website where you have to enter your credit card information to make a payment, which some people enjoy.

You can organize an online garage sale on Facebook Yard Sale sites.

Facebook Marketplace vs. Facebook Yard Sale Groups

You may have heard of Facebook Marketplace and are unsure how they vary. Facebook Marketplace is also a fantastic platform for selling, and we highly recommend it. (Uploading your stuff to Facebook Marketplace and yard sale groups at the same time is pretty simple.)

Facebook Marketplace is great since it categorizes everything for you, whereas Facebook Yard Sale groups are usually in chronological order. Facebook Marketplace also reaches a wider audience than Facebook groups and is more open to the general public.

To get your item noticed, we recommend putting it on both Marketplace and the group sites.

Identifying groupings

Yard Sale groups are easy to find on Facebook. Log into your Facebook account and use the search box at the top to look for yard sales. Then type your town followed by a word like “yard sale” or “yard sale group” into the search box. You might also look for words like “purchase and sell.” You must send a join request to the group once you have found the one you want to join. To do so, select the “join group” button from the drop-down menu. Many admins will manually accept your request, thus it may appear as pending at first until it is granted. Ask your pals if they know of any decent Facebook garage sale groups in the region if all else fails.

Is it Worth It to Join a Facebook Yard Sale Group?

In a nutshell, sure! Facebook Yard Sale groups are an excellent place to begin selling your belongings and holding an online garage sale.

If your item doesn’t sell, don’t worry; you can always sell it on other sites or have a yard sale! Yard sales, on the other hand, are a lot of labor, but they are one of the simplest methods to generate money online.

It’s fantastic that you can sell to a potentially large audience (depending on the size of the group) with no expenses. Furthermore, there are more specialized groups on there that may increase your chances of selling. Electronics, specially branded apparel, furniture, and other items have their groups.

How to Sell on Yard Sale Sites on Facebook

You can begin building your listings once you’ve signed up and been accepted. However, before you post your listings, you must first read the Facebook Marketplace group’s regulations. Each group will have its own set of rules, and you must adhere to them or risk being kicked from them.

Rules could include things like how many times per day you are permitted to publish, whether you need to create an album for all of your listings, and so on. It will differ from one group to the next. To make a listing, you must be a member of the group and navigate to the top of the website. There should be a button that says ‘Sell Something’ where you would normally publish a status or photo on Facebook.

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It will ask you to fill in the following details:

  • What you’re promoting (give it a title)
  • Price
  • Location
  • Description
  • Photos

It’s critical to offer as much detail as possible, including any difficulties with the product you’re selling. You should also give the measurements of any items you’re selling, especially if they’re furniture.

Taking a shot next to another object for a size comparison can be useful.

Make sure you shoot excellent images, as this will determine whether or not you are successful in selling on the site. Take images in natural light with a quality camera (most smartphones have excellent cameras).

If you’re going to edit the shot in any way, be sure you don’t affect the item’s color. The customer will want to view the item in person that is seen in the photo.

Your listing will either appear on the website immediately after you publish it or it will need to be approved by the moderators first.

Depending on how many products you have to sell, you can either build an album or do them one at a time.

Interested people will either leave a comment on the post (which should notify you) or send you a message. When selling in Facebook groups, it is customary to give first dibs to the individual who makes the first comment on the post.

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We’ll go over some of the abbreviations or phrases that people use in Facebook groups below:

DM or PM stands for the direct message or private message, respectively. When someone says they’re going to DM you, they’re referring to sending a message to your Facebook inbox.

ISO stands for “In Search Of.” This is what individuals might say if they’re seeking anything specific.

PPU stands for “waiting for pickup.” This means they’ve promised the item to someone and are waiting for them to come to pick it up.

They’ve listed the item for sale in multiple groups, which suggests it’s been cross-posted.

BNWT stands for “brand new with tags.” It’s also possible to use NWT (new with tags).

Don’t get carried away and start writing about everything in the groups, even your own business, as this is usually not permitted (and will probably get you banned from the group).


Currently, we’re in 14 Yard Sale Groups. Here’s a little video Melissa made on how to simultaneously publish an item on Facebook and numerous yard sale sites.

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