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How to Get a Free Android App to Download Facebook Status Videos

Have you seen your Facebook friends’ gorgeous video statuses? Facebook has added the ability to update video, audio, or image statuses that will only be visible for the next 24 hours on your profile. The most pressing question is how to download an FB status video without any restrictions or the risk of unintentionally downloading viruses. YouTube is the most popular place to find interesting videos to use as a Facebook status update. Also, many videos can be seen on your Facebook wall or updated as to the status on other social media apps. With the aid of your Android device, you will learn how to download Facebook video status in this post.

App to Download Facebook Status Videos for Your Phone
Android is the best smartphone operating system because it allows third-party apps like Snaptube to include groundbreaking downloading features. On the official website and numerous third-party sites, this Android application is available in.apk file type.
Download Snap Tube for Android
Its user-friendly interface was created with the goal of enticing visitors with engaging video material while also making downloading simple. To preserve the video in your phone memory, you don’t need to use any special techniques. The program automatically generates a download link whenever a video is played. Simply choose a Facebook video status that you wish to post on your wall and download it using Snaptube.

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Here are some key characteristics of this program that everyone should be aware of before using it:

Download every video that is currently playing on Snaptube in a variety of resolutions up to 4K.
To synchronize all of your YouTube customized preferences, sign in with your Google account. You’ll also have full access to the channels you’ve subscribed to.
Without any restrictions, you can download numerous video or audio files in a row.
The app contains a feature that allows you to switch between day and night modes to help your eyes relax.
To play a specific video, search for it by keyword or paste the URL.
How to Save a Facebook Status Video to Your Computer

1. Take the first step. Install the Facebook Status Video Downloader application.
The installation of the Snaptube app is the first step in downloading video status. During installation, the phone may prompt you to enable or disallow third-party app installation. Allow Snaptube since CM Security, Lookout Security, and McAfee Security have all verified it. Installing the app on your phone will take only a few seconds.

Step 2: Go to Facebook and look for the status you want to download.
When you first access Snaptube, you will see a large number of videos on the homepage. To receive access to YouTube’s tailored videos, it’s best to check in with your Google account. Search for the term “FB status video” to see a list of videos that have been edited specifically for use as status updates. In categories such as love, fun, sports, and entertainment, there will be a plethora of choices. If you see a video on Facebook, Instagram, or another social media network, copy the link and paste it into Snaptube’s search bar.

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Step 3: Download Facebook’s Video Status
Play the video once you’ve found it. Below it, you’ll see a “Download” button. When you tap on it, a menu of options will emerge, including video and audio file formats. Choose a good video resolution and save it to your phone’s memory by tapping the download button. Set it as your Facebook status or share it on WhatsApp once it’s been saved.

This is the entire procedure for downloading a Facebook status video. Snaptube is the best way to get videos from all of your favorite entertainment outlets. They’ve also added several appropriate bookmarks for your convenience, so you can get started right away.

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