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How to Search the Facebook Marketplace Across the United States


If you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled to find that uncommon amazing deal on a cool used car by scouring used vehicle ads. Deals on Craigslist are fewer and farther between than ever before, thanks to the fact that users must now pay to put automobiles for sale. Facebook Marketplace has quickly become the new go-to for bargains, but you could only search within 100 miles of any area until lately.

You’ll be happy to learn that Facebook just modified its Marketplace settings, allowing users to expand the site’s search radius to 500 miles, up from the previous limit of 100 miles. This allows you to search a much larger region at once, which is extremely useful if you’re looking for something unusual or specific.

With the upgrade, you may now cover a large search area with just a few keyboard swipes. There’s currently no official way to conduct a nationwide search on Facebook Marketplace, but with this new search area option, scouring the entire country has never been easier. This is how you do it.

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A walkthrough of the Facebook Marketplace

You must first determine what you are looking for. Go to the Marketplace and type in what you’re looking for (I’m doing this on a desktop with dark mode switched on, but this method works similarly on mobile).

I’ll look for a Honda S2000 as an example. Let’s pretend I’m willing to spend up to $15,000 on a car with less than 150,000 kilometers on the clock for this walkthrough.


Go to the location area and click on it before continuing with your search. A pop-up window should appear, asking for a search radius and a location. Make sure that “500 miles” is selected from the dropdown option.

After you click “Apply,” the site should display all of the automobiles for sale within 500 miles of the address you entered.

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Are you dissatisfied with the outcomes? So, here’s how you can get some more. Simply return to the location section and enter another location in the United States when you’ve finished searching through the results for your initial area.

Your search parameters—in this case, the keyword “Honda S2000,” a maximum price of $15,000, and a mileage limit of 150,000 miles—will be saved in the search and applied to the 500-mile radius of the new location.

Searching the entire country quickly takes a little more planning. To cover the continental United States, you’ll only need to transfer sites seven or eight times if you choose the appropriate sites.

I prefer to search within 500 miles of Madison, New Jersey, Savannah, Georgia, Dallas, Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada, Nampa, Idaho, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This covers most of America’s metropolitan centers, albeit it does leave out portions of the northwest. So, if you want a more comprehensive search, we propose adding another city or two to your search.

The method is a little time-consuming, but it appears to be the fastest and most accurate way to search all of Facebook Marketplace right now. It’s the best we’ve got until the site releases its nationwide filter.

Do you use a different method on Facebook to uncover rare automobiles or excellent deals? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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