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What’s more, guess what? You’re no longer bound! That is, you don’t need a Facebook account to use Bumble. What is the explanation for this? Since you raised your voices in unison and demanded a way to continue creating empowered relationships without having to share your data with Facebook. People now have an alternative (and simple) way to join Bumble thanks to you — and our dedicated engineers. 

Here’s how to go about it: You should register and log in with your phone number if you’re a new user. That’s what there is to it! We’ve gone far further than other applications, which allow users to register their phone numbers but still share data. Bumble’s custom login process avoids using Facebook or any other third-party service. 

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Our moderation team will continue to protect your privacy, and the Bumble experience will be preserved. Keep speaking out! We’re still on the lookout for what you want. 

Here’s how to sign up for an account without using Facebook. 

You’ll be taken to the Bumble home page after installing the app. 

A new choice called “Use mobile number” will appear underneath “Continue with Facebook.” 

You can enter your country code followed by your phone number. 

After clicking “Continue,” a pop-up will appear to confirm that the phone number you entered is right. 

You can check your mobile number in two ways after selecting “Confirm”: 

Verification via SMS (this will be the default for all users in the US) 

Verification of Phone Calls (only to be used outside of the US) 

You’ll get a text with a 4-6 digit code if you’re not eligible for SMS verification. 

You’re ready to start building your profile after completing either SMS or phone call verification! 

Since the information from your Facebook account isn’t being pulled in, you’ll need to include your gender, birthday, and name. 

Start matching! 

Some main questions and responses 

Wait, do I have to have a Facebook account to join Bumble? 

No way! If you’re a first-time user, you can sign up and log in using either your phone number or your Facebook account. 

However, we recommend using Facebook to help you create your profile by importing your name, age, and other details. The reason for this is that it expedites the sign-up process while also ensuring that the information on your profile is accurate and secure. 

May I move to use my phone number if I already have a Bumble account (created with Facebook)? 

In a nutshell, no. You won’t be able to switch your account if you previously built it with your Facebook password. You’ll have to delete it and start over. You can still do it, but you’ll lose your latest and previous matches as well as conversations. 


How can I update my profile with new occupation and education details if I don’t use connect via Facebook? 

Simply follow these simple steps to add new work or school information: 

Pick the section you’d like to change from your Profile Edit screen. 

You can either type in your occupation and education, or pick from the menu’s list of “General Occupations.” 

If you have an iPhone, you can refresh and update your details by pulling them down on the screen. 

You may choose to view any of your listed jobs or schools on your profile. 

Follow these measures again if you change occupations or if you want to change these details for some other reason.” 

This functionality is available first to iOS users in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Android is on the way!

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