Facebook Launches Facebook Dating 2021

Finally, Facebook Dating is here, and Facebook Official is taking it to an entirely new level. This morning, the company introduced the new addition, which allows any Facebook user over 18 to build an individual dating profile from your main Facebook account; yes, Aunt Tilly won’t see you on it. For free. For free.

The new dating space in the social network (which is a tab that lives in the application itself next to your events, groups, markets, and so on) works in similar ways to other dating apps to use them and be visible for possible matches (who have also opted in). The algorithm will then propose you appropriate individuals based on your preferences, interests, location, and mutual friends.

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“Your Facebook profile is your first name and your age only,” says Erin Egan, Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook. “You choose whether to share that on your dating profile for any other information, such as gender identity, whom you are interested in, photos, and more. You can also choose if you share information like your hometown, religion, employment, and more.”

Good news: There’s nothing here if you’re over totally swipe culture. You can make comments directly on their profile or tap a Like button to let someone know if you are interested in connecting with them. There’s an “x” to hit to see the next person if you aren’t in somebody.

Now, just before you start worrying about whether your brother, cousin, or ex will appear, don’t worry: Facebook Dating allows only you to match friends, not friends on Facebook. If the middle school partner still crushes, you can add them to the Secret Crush list—a private place to show the people you want without Facebook Dating notifying them (like writing your HS notebook name to the name of the crush). Facebook will warn you both when they add you to its Secret Crush list, and the remaining stories may be romantic. Let’s do that, middle school, Sexy Steve!

Here are some other cool features Facebook Dating offers

You can link up your Instagram to your profile:

  •  Your thirst traps on IG can all be part of your Facebook dating profile (not seeing your mother or aunt on real FB, you feel?). It is also possible to display your Instagram feed in your profile and add any Insta folders to your secret crush list.

You can browse to see who’s attending the same local events you are:

  • If Facebook RSVP has taken place next Saturday at this pizza festival, you can pick up all of the possible lurve interests that go… before you get there. This feature enables you to see other Facebook data and all of the Facebook Groups with which you fit your preferences for events that you have or will attend.

You can feel 100 percent safe:

  • You have the option of sharing your live position with a friend via Facebook Messenger if you are nervous about meeting with someone from IRL for a date. Just let me say, That’s young. Whether it’s your best friend or mom, you’re fully controlled by who can watch every move so that someone is looking for you has extra peace of mind.

But I am entirely sold on offering Facebook Dating a go… I don’t know about you. Maybe that’s the app I always needed for my single ass!

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