Why can’t I receive or send an e-mail?

If you are struggling with your email services, such as sending and receiving emails, and had to ask Why can’t I receive or send an e-mail? Many things can lead to this, and we have mentioned six in this post.

It can be frustrating, especially if you have so many emails to post or are expecting to receive documents or files through your inbox. Although you can use an alternate email, in some cases where your primary email is tied to your work, you need to find the problem and a way to fix it.

For suggestions on detecting the problem and potential solutions, go through each of the following areas.

Why can’t I receive or send an e-mail?

If this happens for the first time, it could be due to a poor network or insufficient data to drive the service. But, if it is normal, you can check out the several reasons why you have this challenge.

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Problems with the network or online e-mail server

Check to see if the Online provider or your internet mail server is having problems by contacting an Internet service provider or your network manager.

It is their job to detect whatever challenge is related to the email server so they can tell what the problem is and how to fix it.

Wrong login details

Before sending or receiving a message in your inbox, ensure you use the right login and passcode. The account and password are set up in the e-mail software if you are not asked for them. Check your application setup to ensure the proper account name and password are provided.

Providing the right details will lead to your ability to access your account and messages. So, confirm everything to e sure before you can conclude on the problem.

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Wrong setup of the e-mail program

Wrong configurations of email settings can cause many issues with your emails. Check if the application is set up correctly to link to your network e-mail system. Sometimes you need to realize that Post Office Protocol [POP] is frequently present in the system programs.

While Post Office Protocol is responsible for retrieving messages, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
[SMTP] sends messages. So, if you’re experiencing trouble getting messages, ensure the correct Post Office Protocol [POP] server and channel are configured. Check that the right Simple Mail Transfer Protocol [SMTP] host and channel are configured if you cannot send messages.

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A network or Wifi connection is unavailable.

Your application cannot send and receive emails due to internet or wifi connectivity issues. Check to see if the laptop can join a network or the Wifi.

It can only work with active wifi or internet service from your device. You can change your sim or confirm if there is a network problem related to your active data sim. If it is true, change it and try with another data sim. You will be surprised that it was just an internet problem.

A problem from your spam inbox

Spam filters may unintentionally prevent you from receiving emails. A text is either removed or put in the Spam box if a spam filter is set up incorrectly or your Provider thinks it is junk. Only your Web server or application server can tell you if this happens.

In today’s world, almost all emailing applications feature spam prevention. These applications, scripts, and extensions can also lead to erroneous deletion. Deactivate spam filters momentarily if you’re having trouble receiving messages, and make sure there are no messages in your trash, garbage, or spam files.

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Faulty email software or other problems

The email application could malfunction if you have checked each of the suggestions above and still need to publish or retrieve them. A fresh installation of your app could help. Alternatively, try a different email provider.

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