6 Ways to Block Adult Websites from Your Phone

Ways to Block Adult Websites from Your Phone: The internet has provided vast information resources for both grown-ups and children’s usage.

Both contents are useful and sometimes harmful in some cases and you may want to restrict certain resources from appearing on your phone and you don’t know how to go about it.

Continue to read this blog post because we are going to show you the easiest ways to block improper content from appearing on your gadget.

Ways to Block Adult Websites from Your Phone

The Internet is a global computer network that provides a combination of information and communication resources for both grown-ups and children to explore for their utilization. This paves way for many contents to be explored but can also make our kids gain access to materials we deem unfit and unhealthy for them.

Sometimes, they stumble on these resources unconsciously when exploring the internet and tapping on links and advertisements. Nowadays, your kids, baby cousins, and baby nephews and nieces may gain access to resources you think are inappropriate for them. So to avoid those scenarios, check out the best methods below to help you.

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Configure a Secure Browser

One of the best and easiest ways to protect kids from unfit resources is to download and configure a browser that only permits downloading safe resources. Ensure to get a safe browser aside from the default one that came with your gadget because it restricts all grown-up material from gaining access to it. After configuring it, you can also make it your default browser.

Make a Web Filter to be Active on Your Browser

Web filters are internet software that restricts unfit material from penetrating your browser. You can check out the type that is compatible with your browser and configure based on how you want it to run and operate. Different kinds are available depending on what you want, so make sure to research to get the best one that will be compatible with your device.

Apply Parental Control Applications

Parental control software is one of the best, if not the best methods of protecting your kids from improper resources. It is a detailed strategy you can use to stop your kids from consciously accessing inappropriate materials on your gadget and even theirs and also to guide them from unconsciously stumbling on these resources.

When you configure any of the parental applications, you will be able to access and identify the activities your kids participate in such as their browsing histories, social media chatting, emailing, text messaging, calls, and a lot more. You can even monitor the phone numbers they have on their gadgets.

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Enabling Google Safe Search

When you endorse Google safe search, it screens out all images, texts, and even videos that may contain grown-up materials from your Google exploration. It also prevents malware and harmful resources from penetrating your device. Every browser has this option as a default feature and when it is configured it stops harmful material from accessing your gadget.

Here are the steps to achieve a safe search on your gadget:

● Ensure that Google is the default search engine on your device.
● Then head over to your google software on your gadget and select the gear sign to initiate the safe search.
● Look out for the settings below the safe search option and tap on the filter explicit results.

When this is done, the safe search action will be activated and you can equally do it on any device of your choice.

Google Play Blockage

Activating google play restrictions on your children’s android gadgets to prevent improper information is a simple means of protecting them from unsafe materials. This will restrict them from downloading applications and games that are unfit for their age brackets.

You can also choose whether to stop those inappropriate materials for your children or yourself. To achieve this, visit the play store and go to the setting category and choose the parental controls button. You can also generate a password and create age limits.

Configure OpenDNS

OpenDNS is a corporation based in America that provides resolution services such as protection from malware and content filtration. With OpenDNS service, you don’t have to worry because it will block web pages with any unfit resources.


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