The Top 5 Android Launchers For Longer Battery Life

Many Android device users need more of the option to personalise how their smartphone interface looks and feels. Although launchers are preferred, before, custom ROMs were the dominant method of altering the appearance of Android smartphones.

In contrast to modified ROMs, Launchers are simple to get, download, alter, and non-permanent.

However, only some launchers are highly effective when used. Launchers with plenty of features will probably use more energy from your device, which may cause rapid battery depletion and occasionally overheating.

This may be annoying because everyone wants to get the most out of their smartphone while also worrying less about the battery performance.

What Android Launchers Have The Longest Battery Life?

In light of this, we compiled a list of launchers that barely drain battery life and allow the battery to be saved. You can download the ones listed below on the play store without cost.

Nova Launcher

Since it provides the ideal blend of functions and efficiency, the Nova has long been a choice for everyone. With the addition of a dark mode function, the search bar, application drawer, and folders are now darkened. This is better for your vision at night and enables OLED-paneled phone screens to use less power.

In addition to other functions, Nova provides a pixel-like user appearance with various customisation options for the application drawer, control keys, icon size, typeface, reflections, and others. Additionally, you may add your own icon sets and experiment with motion styles and rates. It is one of the top Android launchers on sale globally.

Although Nova is an excellent option for most people, it truly glows in the hands of experts. There is a Premium alternative, but most people may comfortably ignore this.

Power+ Launcher – Battery Saver

This application is among the most effective of its kind because its exceptional battery-saving function constantly tracks the background programs. Whenever an app runs in the background for excessive time, it simply terminates the session, lowering the program’s total resource use.

It can hibernate programs using the Access function. This stops them from starting automatically, which is what we have seen with programs like Purify. Aside from that, you receive functionality similar to those found in other programs, like searching and unopened text and calls.

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While various of these same apps provide a wide range of modifications, some aim to provide a more straightforward overall feeling. One such choice is the Evie, which uses fewer system functions, speeds up your device, and makes it simpler to operate thanks to its uncomplicated design. It aids in extending the life of the battery. You can look for things on the start screen and open your applications with a single touch.

It provides some additional customisations for anyone wanting to put in the effort, in addition to having a strong global search feature. For those who desire total control over the applications they use, there is also an alternative to conceal them.

Action Launcher

This one, in particular, comes second, and the Nova is regarded as the greatest. The software may be older than others, but the frequent updates show that the creators truly care about the customers, which is quite reassuring.

The Shelf element is what distinguishes it from the competition, and it results in a user experience that is similar to OxygenOS on the OnePlus smartphone. It is the software to download if you like to keep stuff straightforward while getting the most out of a launcher that continuously checks your power consumption.

ap15 Launcher

This application improves your User experience with its basic design. You receive variable-sized application names on a scrolling home screen instead of standard application icons.

Changing it to convert the wallpaper to black also offers the capability of conserving battery life. It must first be established as your primary launcher to do this action, although most Phone owners might be fine with doing this.

Numerous personalisation options are available, such as adjusting the typeface, labelling size, colour scheme, and font colour. In the Pro edition, you can establish specific guidelines for how applications should be presented.

Other Tips to Improve your Battery life

We have now concluded the listing. You may use a few strategies to extend your power life and utilise Android launchers with power-saving capabilities, which are listed below.

  1. Keep an eye on the applications operating in the background and check your power-saving configuration frequently.
  2. Avoid running 3rd party power-saving or cleanup applications and use the established energy-saving mode on Android.
  3. Use a black background and night theme on OLED-equipped devices if at all practical.
    Additionally, avoid using dynamic backgrounds and superfluous widgets since they continuously execute background applications.
  4. Reduce the display brightness if your device permits, and avoid using it at maximum brightness.
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