5 Top Joke Apps for iOS and Android 2023

Joke Apps for iOS and Android: Playing tricks on people is the new trend on social platforms and even in the physical world nowadays. People create content by pranking others and seeing their reactions. Some of them trick their loved ones and friends to have amusement and create more bonds.

Playing tricks can be done physically or by using software developed for the purpose via your android or iOS gadgets. Playing tricks on others gets more interesting and amusing especially when you get the excellent and most suitable applications in your gadgets. Even if you don’t have anyone yet, you have the choice to select from the ones we are going to review in this post.

With the recommended software you can now play tricks on loved ones and have fun together. The apps have stunning functions and you can get them by downloading them from the play store (android users) and app store (iOS users).

5 Top Joke Apps for iOS and Android That You Can Use for Pleasure in 2023

This section brings you the top and outstanding hilarious software you can utilize to play tricks on others to have pleasure and create bonds. Some of the programs have both the free and paid version with amazing features. However, it is advisable to play tricks carefully to avoid annoyance and may be problems for others.

Prank Caller Software

Playing tricks on others is made easy with the joke caller because of its feature of having about two hundred incredible jokes. There are many tricks to play without exhausting it quickly via your gadgets (android or iOS). It is an application that is utilized without charge and it is one of the greatest. You can utilize it to play tricks on your husband, wife, children, finance, and friends.

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Fart Sounds Prank Application

This software is developed by iFart (an Apple-developed application) and it is a joke app that fakes fart. It is utilized in tricking people to believe others can pollute the air (fart) when with others in a group. You can try it out when you are among a group of people and see how hilarious it is when people discover it was a trick you played on them.

Fart Sound application has about 40 different fart echoes to utilize and you can also record the echo of fart when someone pollutes the air. One amazing feature of the software is allowing you to edit the fart echo to suit your preference.

 Broken Screen Joke App

This particular program is utilized in tricking people into believing or feeling pity for your broken or damaged phone screen pad. With the program, your gadget’s screen looks like it’s broken and you can select from the many options of many styles to utilize. The good news is the program is simple to utilize and it does not require complicated procedures to have the desired style.

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All you have to do is to access the software and choose the style you desire to use on the homepage. One feature that makes the software fascinating is that you can generate an automatic message for callers and those sending messages that your gadget screen is faculty. The faculty screen appears so real that anyone will believe it’s true except they are told it’s a joke.

Loud Police Siren Police Light

This program is an astonishing one that makes your gadget echo like the police siren and it has different siren echoes and lights to choose from. If you desire to trick people around you to believe that there is a police motor arriving, you can utilize this software to achieve it. All you need to do is use your device to acquire the program from the play store.

JokesPhone Software

As of the top and best software for tricking people, it is widely utilized for playing others to respond to an automated generated mobile call and believing whatever it says. It lasts for roughly two minutes and can be adapted from a variety of trick-call events.

The only setback with this software is that it only allows one free trick call. You can also invite loved ones and friends and earn more freely used calls. You can get it by downloading it from the google play store (android users) or app store (iOS users).

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Those are the top joke Apps for iOS and Android you will see in 2023