WAEC Registration 2021 Form, Fee and Pin Out

For all interested candidates for the 2021/2022 academic session test, updated information on the West African Examination Council – WAEC Registration Form 2021, Registration Fee/Pin, the starting date, and Closing (deadline) is now open.

Read on to learn about the registration start and end dates for school and private candidates in 2021, as well as the measures and procedures for applying and registering for the test.

This article will cover everything you need to know about the WAEC 2021 Registration Form, the WAEC Fee for each country, how to purchase a WAEC Registration Pin, the WAEC Registration Opening and Closing Dates, and much more.

AWARENESS: For both school and private candidates, the entire registration process and “WAEC Result Checking” must be completed on the Official WAEC Registration Website Portal.

Without further ado, below are the actual details about the WAEC 2021 registration form, as well as the registration start and end dates (deadline).

How Much Is WAEC Registration Fee 2021

Thirteen thousand, nine hundred and fifty Naira (13,950) is the registration fee for WAEC 2021. For both internal and external candidates, WAEC needs a non-refundable registration fee of N13,950 (thirteen thousand nine hundred and fifty Naira).

Candidates must receive a draft of the WAEC registration form (WAEC registration template) from their school and pay a non-refundable fee of N13,950 (thirteen thousand nine hundred and fifty Naira) only to register for the 2021 WAEC test.

WAEC Registration Requirements for 2021 Candidates

The following are the most relevant WAEC 2021 Registration Criteria and information that all candidates must include during the registration process.

Note: Many of the specifications and information you give for registration should be double-checked to ensure consistency, as there might be no options for changes after you register.

All applicants must be enrolled in a government-approved high school in their senior secondary school (SS3 or SS2).

Candidates must pay a non-refundable registration fee of N13,950 (thirteen thousand, nine hundred and fifty Naira).

Candidates will be expected to provide the following details and information during the online registration process:

  • A correct and valid email address
  • Candidate’s Date of birth
  • New passport photographs
  • Contact phone number
  • Complete name (Starting form Surname, First name, and Middle name)
  • Candidates Local Government of origin
  • State of origin
  • Nationality and residential address.
  • Lastly, candidates are to give a list of the Nine (9) or Eight (8) subjects that they choose to sit for in the exam.

How to Register 2021 WAEC SSCE Exam

Before applying for WAEC, candidates should be informed that the WAEC exam body will not refund the registration fee until it has been paid.

To prevent registration errors, all candidates are recommended to use a good and proper registration approach and procedure. As a consequence, you may be advised to register only via your school.

Steps and Procedures to Register:

The WAEC e-system online portal will be used to register for the 2021 WAEC test. As a result, all registrations must be completed online. Candidates can register only through their school.

To register for WAEC 2021 online, candidates must follow the steps outlined below:

  • Visit registration.waecdirect.org for the official WAEC 2021 registration portal.
  • Allow time for the page to completely load.
  • To get more detail about the test, click “Learn More.”
  • Select “Register Now” from the drop-down menu.
  • To finish your registration, follow the instructions on the page that appears.
  • Print a copy of your registration slip after you’ve submitted your application

Please Note The following:

  • During the registration process, the candidate’s current passport will be required, as well as a biometric fingerprint.
  • All WAEC candidates are advised to register via a school. If you are an external candidate, make sure to register at any secondary school near you.
  • However, if you are already enrolled in a WAEC-approved secondary school, you can go to your school to complete your WAEC registration.
  • Candidates for the WAEC must thumbprint at their designated registration centers. Candidates who have not completed their fingerprint authentication will be unable to sit for the WAEC test.

Is WAEC registration 2021 still on?

Yes, please!!! The registration deadline for the WAEC in 2021 will be announced as soon as the registration process begins.

The registration process for this year has already started.

Important WAEC Exam Tips

This will be a step-by-step guide to completing the WAEC exams. The WAEC test is one of those challenging exams, and in order to succeed, a student must understand and follow its clear guide to success.

  1. Develop a positive mindset

There is nothing to fear or be worried about when it comes to WAEC because the tests are only based on what you have been taught in your different schools.

Many people have doubts about WAEC. Many people believe it is one exam that finds joy in thwarting students’ attempts by sabotaging their failures.

Others wonder aloud if they will ever pass the exams. This exam is similar to a basic machine in that everything you put in will come out.

Whatever effort you put forth when preparing for the exams will be reflected in the outcome. If you want to do well on your tests, you must remove all negative thoughts from your mind.

  1. Plan your time

It is widely mentioned that good planning avoids bad results. How you handle your time will decide how competitive you are in exams. Getting a personal study is a convenient way to schedule your time. a timetable

  1. Solve the unsolved problem

Every problem counts in WAEC exams, and chances are you’ll see the unresolved problem as one of the questions.

You should try to solve those issues you left unanswered in order to avoid being disorganized and confused.

Many subjects went unnoticed because they seemed to be unimportant or complicated.

It is recommended that you research those topics and study them thoroughly. Don’t leave any stone unturned as you prepare for the WAEC exams.

  1. Study effectively

If you’re a student, it’s your duty, position, and obligation to study, especially when studying for an exam. Enable nothing to get in the way of your studies.

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