Hushpuppi Net Worth: Arrested, Age, Real Name, Earnings, Scandal, Shoes, Vehicles, and House

Hushpuppi isn’t one for keeping his accomplishments secret.

Hushpuppi, a Nigerian socialite, lives a life of luxury that many of his fans can only imagine.

His lavish lifestyle rivals that of Adesua Etomi, Banky W, and Genevieve Nnaji.

Hushpuppi has 1.9 million Instagram followers (as of October 2019) and is followed by A-list celebrities including Erykah Badu, an American singer-songwriter.

Who is Hushpuppi, though? In his biography, we show everything.

Hushpuppi Arrested Again

The billionaire businessman, along with his similarly wealthy associate Mr. Woodberry, was allegedly ambushed and arrested in Dubai on charges of large-scale fraud.

The news was announced on Twitter, along with a video that went viral showing a fleet of police cars reportedly surrounding Hushpuppi’s home in the United Arab Emirates, where he currently resides.

Hushpuppi and Woodberry were reportedly involved in a multi-million dollar US fraud scheme targeting the unemployment insurance system, according to the news – which remained sketchy.

According to another study, the two defrauded the US government out of millions of dollars in sales of ventilators used to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

Amiyah hinted on Instagram Stories that Hushpuppi dumped her because she was unsuitable for him and that he was a glorified thief!

“Imagine telling someone that they’re not good enough to sit with ‘rich people,’ because they’re clad in their own money when they buy your clothing. Took the money from the poor people to purchase outfits… KARMA is a b*tch,” she wrote.

So, what happened to get Hushpuppi and his pals arrested in the first place?

Huspuppi and his friends traveled to Dubai to pick up money for some Nigerian scammers, a total of $35 million dollars. When they arrived in Dubai, they told the scammers back home that only $5 million was available. To make matters worse, they just sent $1 million out of the $5 million they sent.

The scammers were angry, so they leaked all evidence to Interpol and the FBI, linking the operation to Hushpuppi and his associates.

Hushpuppi Age

Hushpuppi was born in the Nigerian city of Lagos. He hasn’t disclosed his age, but it’s thought to be in his 30s. Hushpuppi was born on June 14, 1988, according to many sources, making him 31 years old (2019). However, it appears that he was born in October.

Hushpuppi’s birthday parties almost never show something that would reveal his age.

Hushpuppi Real Name

Raymond Igbalodely is Hushpuppi’s real name. Aja Puppi and Aja 4 are two other names for him. Ray is a nickname given to him by his family and friends.

How does Hushpuppi make money? 

Hushpuppi describes himself as a real estate developer, but he hasn’t shared how he pays for his opulent lifestyle. He once joked that he is a trained beggar. Hushpuppi’s wealth is a mystery, but many say he has amassed it through real estate and other lucrative projects.

Hushpuppi started out as a small business. His father is said to be a taxi driver, and his mother is said to be a bread baker.

The socialite rose to fame as a result of the images and videos he posted on Instagram and Snapchat. His riches enthralled many people. On his social media accounts, he often flaunts his Gucci clothes, private jets, luxury cars, and lavish trips all over the world.

Hushpuppi describes himself as a modest man, despite his wealth.

“To any young black kid out there… where you end up in life is entirely up to you – the amount of hard work you put in, the enthusiasm you have for what you do, and the affection you have for what you do. Respecting people, being respectful in front of them, respecting them, and being kind to them will get you far in life,” he said in an Instagram video.

Hushpuppi Arrest

Hushpuppi’s critics claim he makes money illegally. Some have predicted that he will be apprehended by Interpol soon for his alleged shady dealings. Hushpuppi has claimed several times that he earns his money through hard work and perseverance.

Despite this, some social media users believe that officials will be knocking on his door soon, particularly after his friend Ismaila ‘Mompha’ Mustapha was arrested.

Ismaila was allegedly arrested by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) in Lagos’ Murtala Muhammed International Airport in October 2019. Just before leaving Nigeria, the CEO of Mompha Bureau De Change was apprehended. He was on his way to Dubai, where he works.

Following Ismaila’s arrest, Hushpuppi posted a cryptic message on Instagram.

“Some people are waiting for the sad news about you with bated breath; may they wait until they die,” the message read.

Hushpuppi Controversy

Deji Adeyanju, a human rights activist, made news in 2018 when he requested that the EFFC investigate Hushpuppi. Hushpuppi was accused of being a “yahoo kid,” a label for men who commit online crimes such as the well-known 419 scam.

“I want to congratulate the EFCC on their excellent work. This is an environment where more work needs to be done. In Abuja, there are more yahoo people. Here’s another one. There’s a guy called Hush Puppy or something along those lines. After police arrested 57 suspected yahoo boys at clubs in Ikoyi, Deji tweeted, “Look into it.”

Despite the speculation and uncertainty surrounding his identity, Hushpuppi maintains a positive attitude.

Hushpuppi Shoes

Hushpuppi is often confused with Hush Puppies, an American shoe company. Men’s, women’s, and children’s casual footwear is manufactured by the business. Hushpuppi likes to spend money on shoes, but he has no ties to the brand. We’re not sure he owns a couple of Hush Puppies. He’s more of a Gucci kind of guy!

Hushpuppi Car                 

Several cars, including a Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Lamborghini, and Ferrari, have been photographed by Hushpuppi in recent years. However, it’s unknown if he owns any of the vehicles or merely poses next to them on his travels.

In August 2019, he officially purchased a new red Ferrari, one year after posing with a white Lamborghini.

The Ferrari was said to be a limited edition, with just ten made available worldwide.

He captioned the tweet, which has since been removed, “It’s a Rarri baby Limited Edition 1 out of 10 #MyNewBaby #Ferrari #Number4”.

Hushpuppi House

Hushpuppi is said to have leased high-end properties in Thailand and Dubai. He once disclosed that he rented an apartment for 24 million nairas (approximately $66 000).

It’s uncertain if Hushpuppi owns any of the houses in which he lives.

Hushpuppi Net Worth

Hushpuppi’s exact net worth is unknown but judging by the expensive purchases he is definitely worth hundreds of millions of naira, as he flaunts on Instagram. Aside from pretending to be a real estate developer.

Hushpuppi is also a social media influencer who has rewarded thousands of dollars for hosting exclusive parties all over the world.

According to some estimates, Hushpuppi is worth $20 million.

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