How you can Delete your Facebook Group

Are you an administrator for the Facebook community who is inactive or no longer needed? If so, you may want to know how to delete a Facebook group by deleting everyone. Otherwise, you can close or disable it by archiving the group. Keep reading to learn how to do both.

What is the difference between the archiving and deletion of a Facebook group?

It is not equivalent to archive and deletes a Facebook group. Everyone has very different consequences.

Archiving a Group

It closes the debate with the archiving of a Facebook community. When archived, it will appear that the group is disabled or frozen, but the administrator may disarm it at any time.

Members can still be able to visit the community after the archival of a group but cannot post, comment, or upload images or videos. Members can view only what is published in the collective before it is archived.

It will not be available to any new members but only to existing members of an archived community. The archived group would not show up in Facebook search results.

Group administrators may not edit archived group requirements, including a description or an image, but may also remove posts and exclude users from the group.

If an Administrator decides to unarchive an archived group, the group will be restored to normal again and all members will resume posting.

Deleting a Group

A Facebook party’s withdrawal is constant. You can’t pull it back when it’s over.

It is also important to note that just as long as the original creator of the group is still a member, they can permanently removing the group. However, if the developer left the community, any other admin might erase it.

Group members are alerted when a group is archived but told when a group is deleted.

How to Close/Archive a Facebook Group

Facebook can only be archived on a web browser by a Facebook group. The Facebook mobile apps do not have this functionality for iOS or Android.

  1. In the left column of the Explore line, pick Groups on
  2. Choose the name of your party under the groups you control.
  3. Choose more directly below the group header.
  4. Select the Archive Party from the drop-down list.
  5. To be archived, pick Confirm.

Community participants will be informed after archiving the group. Just select More, select Unarchive Group from the Download List, and select Confirm Group from the Dropdown List, as in the above stage.

How to Delete a Facebook Group

Within a Facebook group, there is no “delete” option, but there is an alternative way to permanently delete groups. In fact, all members of the party need to be deleted and the group left to delete a Facebook group.

You have to be the group’s creator in order to follow these instructions and uninstall the group. The only exception is if the founder left the community. If you have left the group and you are an administrator, you can deinstall it. You can do this through or Facebook iOS or Android apps.

  1. Navigate to a group you want to exclude. On, pick the group’s name and on the left-hand side, choose the Group Manager name.
  2. On the main menu at the bottom of the iOS or Android menu, tap Groups and tap Groups under Power, then tap the Menu Icon on the Facebook App.
  3. From the left vertical menu, pick Members on Tap the image of the member profile on the right of the app.
  4. Please pick the Delete from Group by clicking three points next to each member’s name on
  5. Tap the name of each member on the app and tap Delete Member.
  6. Select the options under Remove Member that you want to delete, then choose Confirm.
  7. Repeat step three above for each individual member of the group until you are the only left one.
  8. Unfortunately, there is no way of eliminating the members of the collective in bulk. With hundreds or even thousands of members, it would be very time-consuming to delete individual members. In this scenario, you would just want to archive the community, because it is a quicker solution.
  9. The only picture left on, described in the Admins and Moderators top, should be your profile image and name. Three points > Leave Party are chosen.
  10. Tap Admins at the top of the membership tab, which should be the only remaining membership list. Type your name > Leave Party, please.
  11. After completing this process, the group will be permanently eliminated, and be sure that you want to get away from the group before you leave the group.
  12. Without members or developers leaving the party, the Group is automatically eliminated.

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