How to unfriend Facebook friends on both your Android and PC

How to unfriend Facebook friends on both your Android and PC – How do you unfriend all of your Facebook mates on Android and PC? It’s hard to delete all Facebook friends from both Android and PC models of the Smartphone if you have more than a thousand friends on Facebook. In this post, I will give you the simplest, most effective work tricks to unfriend all of your friends by simply clicking or uninstalling all of your Facebook friends.

In fact, it is not possible on Android and iPhone devices, to delete all Facebook friends from one-click applications. However, all Facebook friends need to be deleted/unfriendly since we have some unknown friends in our list of friends. Some users also may threaten you for unnecessary purposes. You can quickly attempt to delete all Facebook friends by deleting one friend from the Facebook app without wasting your precious time.

How to unfriend Facebook friends on both your Android and PC

Here in this post tutorial, I will share the best way to delete/unfriend all your friends from Facebook by clicking with you. First of all, a browser installed on the Desktop PC or Laptop needs Google Chrome to delete/unfriend all Facebook friends in one click.

To unfriend all friends on Facebook,

  • If not installed, you need to open and install the Google Chrome Web Browser from here.
  • Only log in and open the chrome web store now with your Gmail ID.
  • Check for “Facebook Remover for All Friends”
  • Just press Add chrome to erase all friends with a single click to install the Chrome extension.

All chrome extension friends on Facebook are very limited in size and around 200kb delete/unfriendly. Just log in to your Facebook on your phone, after downloading the entire extension, from your desktop or laptop computer.

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To Unfriend all Facebook friends in one Click,

Only click on the All Friends remover from the right corner for a chrome Facebook plugin.

  • Then you need to choose the Open friends list to delete all contacts.
  • In the mobile version, the new Tab window will pop up and show your list of friends by clicking Open Friends List. This extension deals with scripts that can be used to uninstall all of your friends in one click.

You can then remove or delete all your friends on Facebook, as seen in the previous image, by clicking on the All-Friend button. You will get an instant as the screenshot below indicates.

Before you continue operating with this unfriendly Facebook friend chrome update, be sure to scroll down to load all your friends to a single page to continue deleting all Facebook friends.

All your present friends will be deleted by clicking on it and you will always delete/remove your friends on Facebook, and if you want to add your friends you must give your friends manually to any friend.

All your Facebook friends were deleted / unfriendly with one click now. You will not delete the friend request you have sent waiting for friends’ approval, and it remains the same.

I hope it will work very well for all my friends on How to Unfriend All Friends On Facebook On Android and on PC. You will also press the sign-up button to receive the new Instagram alerts and technological updates instantly.

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