Glo Fast Recharge. Glo 4G LTE Network

Glo Fast Recharge. Glo 4G LTE Network – What is Glo Quick Recharge, *805#? *805# Glo E-Service is a service that allows you to buy airtime and data packages from your bank account with a USSD code at your leisure, anytime and anywhere. You can buy airtime and data bundles in different denominations from your bank menu.

How is it working?

To buy airtime and information directly, dial *805# and go through the menu. Customers are not compensated for using this special USSD code, which is only available to bank customers.

To use this service, dial *805# and follow the steps below:

Choose between (Airtime or Data).

Choose between self-recharging and third-party recharging.

Complete input recharge for self-sufficiency

Input number for crediting third parties

Debiting from the bank of your choice.

NB: It is a one-off enrollment. No need for each transaction to be registered.

On *805#, what can you buy?

The following items can be purchased from the *805# menu:

Time on the air (family and friends for individuals and third parties)

Stacks of knowledge (for individuals and third parties, family and friends)

Extra-valuable bundles (4x recharge bonus)

Who is permitted to enjoy this service?

Customers with bank accounts who purchase products and services from Glo Corporate account (Salary Accounts) customers. Glo Fast Recharge. Glo 4G LTE Network

Customers of business accounts

Is a PIN needed to use Glo Fast Recharge?

No, you don’t need a PIN because your phone number is registered with the banks. Some banks, however, will require you to create a PIN for this transaction. Glo Fast Recharge. Glo 4G LTE Network

May I use the All Banks service for this?

Currently, the *805# network has 13 banks:

Fidelity Bank
Jaiz Bank
Heritage Bank
Keystone Bank
Skye Bank
Union Bank
Unity Bank
Zenith Bank

There will soon be more banks enlisted.

Isn’t my bank on the ‘805 menu?

Simply call 121/200 toll-free; you will be helped by other Etopup options.

Is it possible to use Easy Recharge to recharge on a different network?

No way. Easy recharge is a mobile payment program for airtime top-up developed exclusively for Glo subscribers.

On both post-paid and prepaid lines, can I use Quick Recharge?

Yes, you can use Fast Recharge to top up both postpaid and prepaid lines.

I dial *805# and I’m unable to connect. What am I doing?

*805# could be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance of the USSD Gateway or other network-related issues, but this is unlikely. The subscriber must try again after a few minutes.

I dial *805# and receive the following message: “‘USSDC: No response from ESME’ as a response.’

This means that the bank’s services/platform might not be linked at the time. The subscriber will try again later. Glo Fast Recharge. Glo 4G LTE Network

Further Reading:

What happens if I port my Glo line to Easy Recharge?

Fast Recharge has nothing to do with mobile number portability. The service is available for any Glo thread.

“Your financial institution is unavailable; please try again later.”

Later on, the subscriber could try again.

“The financial institution has not approved this transaction.”

This means that the bank host did not authorize this service on your account.

It’s possible that your account isn’t linked to your Glo line. Subscribers must contact their financial institution.

Your bank account is not linked to your computer.

The subscriber should contact his or her bank to confirm that the phone number is linked to their bank accounts.

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