Facebook group for corporate promotion

Is it all right to advertise my company using my Facebook personal profile page?

Out of this dilemma, I get a lot. And “Business Page” is the response of most marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. All right, now, I’ll get a little controversial. Since I totally disagree.

Yes, your personal Facebook profile can be used for business.

I accept that your personal Facebook page should be used for your company.

Through using your personal Facebook page, your reach, public and company can actually be a powerful way of organically expanding (meaning no ads).

It’s what I’m doing, and how I got Facebook dollars in tens of thousands.

This is what my clients do. And many other good company owners are doing that.

Facebook Personal Profile Pages have a way to expand

Without any expensive ads, you will have so many more gazes on your personal profile.

On the other hand, the business pages of Facebook are pay-to-play, which means that your messages must be displayed with advertising.

So if you post on your Facebook Business page, you could see your post organically only about 2% of your followers.

This is how Facebook uses its algorithm to inspire businesses to spend publicity dollars (how they decide which posts are seen, and how often).

However, the number of people that you will reach organically when you post and link as a personal page is far higher (with no ad expenditure).

The trick is to make strategic friend requests.

The trick is to start making friends with people who would be great customers for you instead of making friends with all your old high school friends.

Now if you said, “Wait a sec.” “I thought the use of a personal business page contravened the rules,” ”

Oh, most of the time you’re right.

According to Facebook laws, you are not allowed to only use a personal page for business purposes.

That being said, you can use your personal page to improve your community’s business knowledge and to grow your brand, and share postings that display your private, totally uncommon, and fantastic side.

I suggest posting business-related content (user stories, blog previews, advertisements, business tips, questions, etc.) as well as some personal content, for example, hobbies, holidays, etc.

It’s an art and a balance.

I’m not suggesting posting super-personal stuff on your company’s own personal profile, nor do I suggest deleting your personal Facebook page with sales messages.

What I mean is: You are able to connect easily with your customers and friends network in a specific voice using your Facebook personal profile.

After all, you and your personality make your brand special (Read: How to build a personal brand for more info.)

It is YOU that separates your services from others.

And your customers are what you end up selling.

At the end of the day, your customers will hire, pay and trust a true live human.

This is you. This is you.

And you can only notice (like I do) that your closest friends and family are some of your biggest Facebook fans and can help expand your reach to other new directions as well.

In Facebook groups, you should become an expert

Facebook groups can be a good way to communicate with colleagues, partners, and potential clients. And your tweets, feedback, etc. will be much more available to community members when you join a party than posts on any business page (because of that pesky Facebook algorithm we talked about).

If you participate as an individual in Facebook Groups instead of a company, your posts will be far more accurate than a post on the Facebook Business page.

Facebook members pursue thoughtful responses and knowledge which should not be commercialized.

And when you post on a member’s question your super-thoughtful answer ( “You can click on your name with your message, how do they all feel about the latest Pantone color of the year? (“It’s a perfect match for the restaurant industry! This is why “) go directly to your personal page to see what additional information you need to provide.

And when they go, they can see all the helpful business advice that you gave.

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