How To Avoid Mistakes In Love Affairs..

How To Avoid Mistakes In Love Affairs..

When you Lean on your feelings; you miss your direction.

Define your intention before your feelings..

A prospective partner does not make one to feel single, rather he creates impression that there is no space….

Relationship without ” Attention ” and “Communication” is dead…


(1) Communication is very crucial in a relationship.

* How do you cope without communication?

* Intimacy without communication is fake..

* Talking about marriage, yet you don’t plan together. ( How will You Make It Together)

NOTE: Every relationship is a miniature marriage.
Don’t start what you can’t finish.

(2) A Stingy guy in courtship won’t suddenly become a generous husband…

” A relationship can be compared to a garden; if you don’t maintain it, weeds will start growing..

How do you claim to love without care…
It won’t work.

(3) A lady who doesn’t believe in dignity of labour, will not serve as a contributor but a consumer.

( 4) Don’t date someone you will be feeling shy to introduce to people with boldness.

(5) Don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t have your time, otherwise you may end up hurting yourself.

(6) You know you’re not comfortable in that relationship, but you’re afraid to take a walk, of course you don’t want hurt anyone.

* Hello, If you’re not happy, you’re hurting yourself.( Not Everyone Loves You For You)

(7) In all your relationship everyone says you’re a wife material, you’re a nice lady..

But none want to keep you, Why?

* Be mindful of those who praise you in other to use you. They value your Body and overlook your happiness…

(8) Anytime you start pleading to stay, because of time and resources you have invested..

* You have Already lost it… Love doesn’t plead to stay.

(9) ” I have a girlfriend ” but is you I want…

Hello, The greatest mistake you can make is to give your heart to someone whose heart belong to another… ( Refused to be an option)

People will treat you according to how you place yourself.
Whosoever that deserve you will fight for your love
Marriage is a university of responsibility.

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