Life itself is not a playing ground. Adding salt to a wound, could cause several hurts in ones body. Life is not easy but hardship make it worst.

Everybody has a problem that he/she is wrestling with. Hard to pent -up sorrows. Strong hatred towards them by their relatives. Some died on the road while some are completely debacles, when, many recant their beliefs. Is not easy to face difficulties.

Every lizard lies on its belly, so we cannot tell which has bellyache — Chinua Achebe.

We sniffle out that ours travail are incomparable with others when we don’t know but stupefy in senses that the bigger it is, the smaller the difficulties is seen in some people face. Yours is not up to what others are facing, experiencing in all ramifications which destroyed their lives.

Difficulties are irresistible which could pregnant inside someone that may avalanche a life heap of disbelief, ghettoized impoverish and, of course, trauma. The stomach that’s rumbling will know what cause the sound..

This overhaul trial transcend many peoples life in the mist of struggling and perseverance of what can joyfully cheers them up turning to an adversary of challenges they they wish to win over. More also, challenges cannot be fight alone with bare hand, is like a wrestler punching halve of cement bag, already knew that he will lose the match.

You and I tentatively know what makes this world become uneasily broken for human being: is when more heat suffused their cheeks or when hope have been thrown in the middle of sea, making it rigmarole enough is when nobody foist for you not even your close family nor friends. .

No matter how your body is strongly built, the stages of life you are; old or young ( 11-21 years) when this miserable things play against you which no one knows the harbinger of storm it could strike, definitely, important things in our life will break .

Why should a man find it hard to make it?
And you want changes in difficulties situation for a person who lived and wake with self -inflicted injury but mostly the terrible pain he feel.

Boom! Every head is born with destiny but not all will be successful.

At the time when hardship stunt unflinching flit, a faithful man will change his belief because since he has been praying and working hard, nothing yield for him. Time! Time! He wait till the clock stop working.

Praying! He prays for every seconds of hours, he sees nothing. No angel to fly. No miracle to surprise his pulsating mind .

Do you think that if a man suffer more than his fate, believing in himself will not cross him mind not to talk of faith.

Hustle! They say we should hustle; that being struggling to make it is better than stealing. Yes! Some people did it for decades still they didn’t build an house. All the time was renting an apartment, fighting with the landlord over nepa bill and in stallment crazy talk has never dry from their tongue.

Many people hustle in this life for making their children happy but most of them died before the time. People continue to hustle either in a cleanse way or not, we call it hustle.

What else do you want a man to do in this earth?

Bad people will mock at her you when you are working tirelessly due to perspire that draw mark of poverty, bewilderment in your face, they would say you inherited it from your forefathers .

Wicked fellow will hate when you start doing well; casting vodoo on your head, going to traditional priest to take wealth from you because they think you don’t deserve it.

Becoming successful is one thing . Nursing your haters is another one.


Why should we have to be hate when things are getting normal?

An undergraduate student is now enjoying his life in bollers street, halversack load of baggages on his back straight to madam home. Redundant of job every time. Failure over failure.

Hardship has kick Brilliant woman to brothel room, when she found no good job of her career. Prostitute have cease the entire street since education does not pay anymore. Young growing girls are now sleeping with uncle For money, just for them to buy clothe.

Trying time have make some people borrow bike (motorcycle) for sustaining their lives when everything shows no hope. Skipping time for breakfast for lunch or eating brunch as a safe trick for hunger. When last did some of your friends ate good food but choose to drink garri every day.

A father is not a man in his own home again. His children can’t endure this stupid poverty but the father tried his best still no money. Parents gave up the ghost at the moments of running helter &skelter for them to keep the promise made to their children.

All sort of mishap, Doom fall in many peoples head

People have lost hope in God time. People are now making blood sacrifice for money, don’t care about the repercussions of what they did.

Why did hardship push human being to pickpocket, stealing and armed robbery?

Courage! There is limit to courage. A courageous man will not want to knee down before his enemy to put food in his stomach. This is becoming unbearable for many people.

When will they stop begging for food? When will they stop going to meet a car on the road for money? These are not good enough!

We live in a world where the rich person dislike helping the poor when he knows that when he do; likely, his wealth will reduce.

God! Help those who are facing hardship, for them to see good result.

Hardship is not easy to win, still, don’t give up.

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