Unfaithfulness is one of key factors that destroy a marriage, quickly.

I have met countless number of opposite sex who yelp at each other for unfaithfulness in marriage. I have seen a home where a wife cross her leg on her thigh, angrily waiting for his groom whom they did a wedding not too long, started receiving calls and SMS at the front door or backyard. The wife is fed up with that and she is ready to wallop him with stirring stick..

Marriage is falling. Separation of family ties is hanging.Infidelity has stretch more hand than normal. Children are not happy with their parents stupid confrontation and threatening with disrespect. Broke up is the way out. Hatred. Enmity. Problem with their children upbringing..

There is proliferation in divorce papers, cheating, nagging, fighting with someone’s wife or husband who slept outside the gate or crazy compliane of who have a side cheeks (concubine) outside, for what!

Many many like that…

A marriage would be hardly knotted without facing one or two problem, although it may not be with the aforementioned above yet they will encounter some slight matters which can lead to that.. No home without its problem but infidelity is problematic..

War of Infidelity is traumatizing into unexpected war ground that wrench many relationship which has lasted for years or just a beginner..

These are the ways to prevent infidelity..

1.CHOICE.. You have to make valid choice in the best interest of your partner and relationship. Making choice before you fall in deep relationship with your bride or groom will make you understand who is your best partner (someone You wish to marry) and how the choice can positively change both of you.

if the choices would affect you; is better you share the thought with him\her and find the way out than deciding on your own. Choice is important. Your decision can derail or save your marriage.

2.COMMUNICATION: Keep communication broadly open, Shun secrets. When a two partner fail to channel each other , they could embrace suspicion. The very hours that you start communicating with your partner in what you feel in mind, beautiful thoughts of the future, hope and dream of your relationship will cover the pothole with good frame of mind. More also, encourage them to do so.

Your partner will never want to suspect you when what’s happening will later be express to him/her. The small secrets you keep can apocalypse your relationship.

3.unmet need and want. When you are loosing feelings or missing his body, don’t keep quiet or going outside for the want, clearly identify how you feel and what you want from your partner. Romance and love may be missing, let me him find it for you rather than being muted. Love is partnership.

4.BOUNDARY: A set of guildline are endowed in relationship which many people didn’t know and this is what kill them. Give yourself the limit or time you can spend with your opposite sex and where you should respect one another.

ASk your partner what cheating mean? How will he/she feel when you are with opposite Sex. This can help you know your husband fairly well when he is with another woman.

5: TIME : Spend quality time with your spouse more than the way you spend it with others. Quality time with your spouse will not make life boring to them even they would love to always want to do everything with you. Your spouse must not realize your empty abscent, instead, they should crave for your presence. Don’t let your spouse feel lonely mood.

6 Avoid social comparison. What makes many marriage damage on the bases of infidelity is COMPARISON Of MARRIAGE. Why will you be comparing your partner with another partner? Must you make a comparison between your marriage with another one? Stop it!.

When you compare yourself with another person, there would be a feeling of envy, begrudge and something you lack in your relationship, that will poise your mind to think of doing anything that will fall You into trap of not going back.

Carter wrote on psychologytoday.com.

“Social media bombards us with lives that are not ours and forces us to compare those with our own. This psychological variable can devastate not only marriages but yourself,” Carter wrote on psychologytoday.com.

The listed below save you from infidelity in marriage, keep them..

Stay romantic | Have a good friend |Monitor your partner | pay attention to your appearance (dress well) |

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