Assault : Police officer attack a community leader with axe

Assault : Police officer attack a community leader with axe

Published August 31,2020.
Babatunde Sulyman
An unjust attack was hurl on Alaba Peters, a community leader who merely intervened in a dispute with the main purpose of knowing the root cause of the attack , was brutally beaten by men of Lagos state police command with an axe.

The pandemonium set in when some men identify as policemen attached to the Anti-Cultism Unit, Gbagada, had bullied the Odogunyan area of the state around 4.30pm on August 10, 2020, and round off some tricycle operators’ union workers.

While the victim was immediately hospitalized after the incident, pleaded to the state Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, to bring the culprits to justice.

The said community leader was told to have merely intervened in the dispute and asked the policemen the reason for the arrest, which was met in a brick wall and he was answered with beaten by axe which drove the union workers away

Peter said , “Some policemen came to Odogunyan on August 10 to arrest some people and some of our union workers were among those arrested; so, I approached the officers to ask why they arrested the union workers and I was told that because they were not wearing the union’s jacket; the policemen started shooting indiscrimenately and when I asked where they came from, they said they were from the Anti-Cultism Unit at Gbagada.

“When I saw that they were taking the boys away, I went back to meet them in front of the grammar school at Odogunyan to ask them what we could do to get the boys released, but the cops got angry that I came to meet them again and ordered me to sit on the floor and threatened to shoot me.

“I showed them my ID card but they refused to look at it and one of them went into their vehicle to bring an axe and started beating me with it. I want justice to prevail, because I cannot be treated like an animal. I sustained injuries all over my body as a result of the beating.”

Anonymous witness, who relate the pandemonium with fear in his heart said “We were at the bus stop when some members of the Anti-Cultism Unit came and arrested some of our boys and when we asked them what the boys did, they didn’t answer us; so, Alaba Peters approached them but they didn’t answer him and they took those boys away and Alaba Peters went back to meet them, but they brought out an axe from their car and started beaten him up ”

“When we also approached the policemen, they started shooting indiscriminately, so we could not do anything and they took the boys away.

“We want justice to be served because the police cannot be harassing us any time they feel like and we will just be looking at them without doing anything. We want the officers to be fished out.”

With much urgency on the injustice of the attack, the people contacted the state police public relations officer who make a clarification that the men were on daily assignment in the area and the victim stood has obstacle (obstruct) that stop them from carrying out their duties.

He said, “Ikorodu used to be a cultists’ den and the Commandant of the Anti-Cultism Unit was directed by the CP to relocate his team to Ikorodu and he did. The targets were the cultists; they were targeted based on intelligence and we took the battle to their doorstep and we were able to reclaim the public space from them and return sanity to Ikorodu.
“In the heat of the operation, the man (Peters) mobilised his thugs to obstruct the police team that came for that assignment, but if in the cause of resisting his obstruction, his rights were infringed upon, definitely, he has a cause to complain and we will investigate that aspect of his complaint. We don’t use axes for operation; it was him and his thugs, who carried axes.”


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