Iron Man, Thor Or Black Panthe, Captain America Which Of The Actors Is The Most good In The Last

Iron Man, Thor Or Black Panthe, Captain America Which Of The Actors Is The Most good In The Last Avengers “End Game Series”?

The Averagers, different challenge the last threat is Thanos which they all have to knit together to fight him together.

Even so, all the actor in the Averagers came with an introduction to their solo movie respectively . In other words, they all have their movie pull apart before joining as one.

Black panther is seen to be the new actor in joining the Averagers in the

“End Game ” after the bringing of Spiderman in the “Infinity War”
We have the list below👇

Iron Man

Iron Man permissible sacrificed his life for the work as he knows he can’t survive if he dares flip his stone fingers only Thanos can do that and live on Earth.
But iron Man vanished after crossing his fingers to restore the world.


He really tried his best to solitary quenched Thanos but it ended in tear.
Baba chop the beat his life which turn in his unfitness to change to the big body for the rest of the show.

Black Panther.

KingTchalla came to the rescue of all wakanda with his battalion.
He skirmished with the whole of his life with thamos on a ome battle and markdowns the big boss in several places but he couldn’t finish the job alone.
His contribution is appreciated by his colleagues.


Hammer mjolnir maybe back in Avenger: Endgame but knowing what he’s up to with Thanos in infinity war, the God of thunder hunted the help of Eitri to craft a new weapon that could defeat the mad Titan – the stormbreaker….. So it looks like Thor’s legendary hammer may return in Avenger: in Endgame.


Tom Holland’s the Spiderman has joined the Averagers in a new, Averagers infinity war teaser, Spidey showing the new TV spots for Avenger infinity war, which debuted the Livestream of the HaloWC 2018 Finals Columbus.

Captain America

The end of the movie , Captain America ( Chris Evans) want to put the infinity stones back but then he wish to stay in the 1940s with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and grow old with her. He gives himself to make the world a better place.

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