Erica And Kiddwaya are Got A Final Warning From Biggie

Erica And Kiddwaya are Got A Final Warning From Biggie

BBhousemate, kiddwaya have been issued another strike and Erica his lover got a final warning.

Biggie said the bad news this evening, when he asked housemate to see some footage from earlier in the week. It view kiddwaya flipping his fingers at the camera, showing clearly disrespect for Biggie authority.

This cause biggie the go back to article 18 in the rule book which is dedicated to forbid behavior, expecially on page 14. This section of the article negotiate rudeness to Big Brother which is listed as a offense.

To Kiddwaya and Erica, Biggie said” your actions have no other to classify them but insensitive disrespect to big brother and viewers. Your flipping of fingers to the camera did not yo unnoticed.

The first incident occurred on the same day you were both issued a strike for disrespecting the head of house rules.
In addition he said he decided to be lenient to them because they were issued a strike for a that offense already.

Erica was then issued a strong and final warning while kiddwaya was issued a strike meaning that one more strike and will be disqualified from big brother house.


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